Are you ready to build the new rhythm of working in your company? Is your office space big enough for everyone to work together at the same time? While most of the people choose to work from home at least part time, there will always be some people who need to, for some reason, work from the office. It is critical to make sure the office will have enough spaces for them.

Desko is a very basic and user friendly “desk” booking application for ANY office space. It allows the office managers to set up the maximum number of desks that can be booked for a day, and enables users to book their “desks” at any time! It makes sure only permitted number of desks are booked and not exceeding the limit. By booking a desk ahead of time, users will avoid the situation that not provided a desk by showing up, or even worse, a trip is wasted.

It is a risk free solution – it is a web application so no mobile apps to download and install! It is so easy to use that little or no training is needed. You just need to sign up!

As a space manager, you just need to : 1) register on and set up your user account (no credit card is required!); 2) create your space by entering space name and maximum number of desks that can be booked on a day 3)Follow the "Invite Users" button and get the space link, send it to people who need to use the booking services. That's it!

As a space user, you just need to : 1) Receive the space URL shared by your space manager 2) copy and paste the URL on your web browser, register and set up an account 3) Then click to book your desks. Once you have an account, you can log in at any time to make a desk booking or cancel it. That's it!